Sexual Exploitation in Adolescents: Does negative attachment experiences in early childhood impact an adolescent's propensity to become sexually exploited

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Latimer, Rhiannon
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The sexual exploitation of children and youths is a social phenomenon which largely happens behind closed doors. Researchers seek to understand the multitude of variables which contribute to the vulnerability of children and youths participation in the sex industry. This thesis will explore one of the many risk factors contributing to juvenile sexual exploitation, child sexual and physical violence. This paper will be an exploration of how negative early attachment experiences contribute to a child or adolescent's vulnerability or risk to be coerced or forced into the sex trade industry. In the following thesis, we will look at the research which seeks to explore how attachment in early childhood is an important aspect in understanding sexual exploitation. This thesis will conclude with a discussion on how to best support those affected by sexual exploitation, the specific psychotherapeutic interventions appropriate for this population and how we can move forward with a better understanding of this social phenomenon.
sex industry, sexual exploitation, children, youth, psychotherapeutic interventions