South Asian Parenting Group and Effects on Self-Efficacy

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Uppal, Ranjit
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This research project focused on the effects of the psycho-education group "Emotional Regulation-A Punjabi Parenting Group" on participants self-efficacy. Participants volunteered to meet with the researcher four weeks after the group commenced to be interviewed in person. Participants were all female, of South Asian decent and had emigrated from India within the last ten years. The participants were asked the following questions: In as much detail as possible, tell me what it was like to be a part of the group. What would you change about the group that might make it more helpful for other parents? What sort of changes, if any, have you noticed about how you deal with behavior challenges? How has the group either made you feel more or less confident when dealing with the challenging behaviours of your children? What was the most useful part, if any, of the group? How would you describe yourself as a parent? These questions were analyzed and personal themes for each participant were documented. The participants found the group to be helpful in terms of providing strategies, support from other participants and confidence level. Further research in specific Punjabi language assessment tools and pilot projects in the Punjabi language were suggested.
parenting skills, parenting support group