Snap Crackle and Pop, Changing Midlife Relationships

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Frost-Hunt, Kaye
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This manuscript is the result of my personal midlife search to change relationships with family, friends, and men. The experiences and outcome of my one-year commitment is written in an autobiographical voice combined with theoretical therapeutic principles of clinical counselling. It is the voice of a woman experiencing midlife changes and that of a clinical counsellor seeking to understand how midlife experiences may shape the developmental life cycle. The purpose of this manuscript is to conceptualize the emotional effect of loneliness in midlife. It is written in two parts. Part on clarifies personal thoughts and emotions within the narrative of small vignettes assessing emotional experiences and choices made. Part two examines anger, intimacy, and love behind life circumstances of loneliness. In writing about my personal search for change, I hope that these experiences may benefit others.
autoethnography , midlife women