Finding Home Again: A Search for Appropriate Interventions for the Reintegration of Children and Youth Associated with Armed Conflict Groups

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Black, Michelle
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This is an overview of the research and material regarding the reintegration process back into the families and communities of children and youth who have been associated with armed conflict groups since 2006 in Sub-Saharan African, with the regional focus on Northern Uganda and Eastern DRC as well as Sierra Leone to widen the context. The focus is on interventions to support reintegration and the potential usefulness of interventions based on the actual, not just chronological, neurodevelopment levels of these children and youth, largely influenced by the work of Bruce Perry and his Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) from a different socio-cultural context. When the assessment of the historical and current conditions of adversity and relational attachment is generalized due to the commonality of experiences and responses of these children and youth who have been associated with armed conflict in a specific conflict and cultural context, interventions rooted in neurodevelopmental levels do have the potential to be useful and sustainable to the integration process, especially when aligned with already established cultural practices and not based on significant outside resources over the long term.
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