Common Variables in Lowering Anxiety in Canadian University Students

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Rice, Alan
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The purpose of this qualitative study was to look at the common factors in lowering anxiety in Canadian university students during their transition to university life. To do this I asked seven participants, aged between 27-36, whom all self-reported as having experienced anxiety during their university careers, what were the factors in helping to lower their anxiety. In this paper, I will look at the common factors that the participants named and expand on them with other scholarly findings that explore deeper into why these reported factors are beneficial in lowering anxiety. The results show some clear patterns as six of the seven participants credited two factors in lowering their anxiety. I will also explore eight other reported factors in lowering anxiety by the participants. This study concludes by looking into the limitations of this research as well as practical implications for counsellors who are working with university students who are experiencing anxiety.
anxiety , Canadian universities , qualitative study , university careers