School Counsellor Support of Adolescents Who Have Lost a Parent

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Holland, Spencer
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The death of a parent is more common to adolescents than is often thought. Bereaved teens face a wide range of intense emotions, physical symptoms and challenges in addition to the normal difficulties that are a part of adolescence. School counsellors often lack the training and experience to effectively accommodate a successful return to school of a student who has recently lost a parent. It is important for bereaved teens to work through the tasks of grieving and this can be aided but a number of interventions by school counsellors. One intervention that can help bereaved teens who are struggling to work through their grief is to join a grief support group. Support groups offer the chance to interact with others who are going through a similar experience through discussion and different forms of intervention. By joining a support groups teens can get a better understanding of what grief is and learn strategies to help them cope better through this time of loss.
grief , bereavement