Counselling Spouses of Problem Gamblers: Towards a Response-Based Approach

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Day, Catherine
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Research and literature focusing on the therapeutic needs of problem gamblers has been widely available for nearly a century. In contrast, the literature focusing on the therapeutic needs of problem gamblers' spouses is comparatively recent and generally limited in scope and research; this paper argues that much of said literature is also theoretically, discursively, and ethically problematic. The author (a) presents a critical analysis of available texts (lay and academic) on the subject, (b) identifies problems and gaps in the current research on the subject, and then goes on to (a) outline the assumptions underlying a Response-Based approach to counselling, and their applicability to work with spouses of problem gamblers, and (b) articulate a Response-Based Interviewing Outline for use with spouses of problem gamblers presenting for counselling.
problem gamblers , spouses of problem gamblers , response-based therapy