Tai Chi as a Holistic Mind-Body Therapeutic Modality for Older Chinese Immigrants in Multicultural Counselling

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Cao, Yangxiezi
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Older Chinese immigrants aged 65 and over are a fast-growing population in Canada. With the high risk of developing mental health issues and low utilization of mental health services, older Chinese immigrants have become an emerging but underestimated social concern. The lack of culturally responsive counselling and psychotherapy in current Canadian mental health system has been identified as one of the major barriers for older Chinese immigrants to receive appropriate mental health services. In order to address the limitations of Western counselling and psychotherapy, Tai Chi, an indigenous Chinese healing method is proposed as a novel holistic therapeutic modality for older Chinese immigrants, in hope of providing them with more culturally responsive mental health services. A 10-session protocol of integrating Tai Chi into counselling and psychotherapy sessions is proposed to provide guidance for counsellors and therapists to integrate Tai Chi safely, effectively and ethically into their practices.
Tai Chi, mind-body intervention, older Chinese immigrants, indigenous healing method, multicultural counselling