Healthcare Equity for Women of Colour in Long Term Care Homes: The Case for Narrative Therapy

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Haghshenas, Maryam
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This capstone delves into the multifaceted experiences of women of colour (WOC), particularly immigrants and refugees in Canada, and their experience with long-term care (LTC) homes. Canada receives a mass influx of immigrant and refugee populations annually, and it needs to address the inequities and challenges experienced by WOC in healthcare, particularly for senior WOC that depend on LTC for their care needs. More specifically, with the growing aging population and diverse immigrant population, there is a growing demand for culturally sensitive and equitable healthcare services for WOC in LTC. This capstone explores the influence of the experience of motherhood on WOC and its impact on therapeutic alliances later in life. It also examines the impacts of fatphobia and historical roots in racism and how it continues to perpetuate discrimination against WOC in LTC. Finally, this capstone focuses on narrative therapy (NT) as an interventional tool and framework to help dismantle oppressive narratives in healthcare, specifically in LTC facilities.
seniors, women of colour, structural racism, narrative therapy, healthcare, long-term care