The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Adult Sibling Relationships

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Rosen, Kobi
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Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) can result in adverse psychosocial, physical, and psychological affects on the victim. Furthermore, these adverse affects can extend into romantic and familial relationships. Yet, the victim is not the only individual affected. In certain instances, the non-abused sibling can experience long-lasting negative effects. The literature provides evidence that the sibling who was not abused is neglected in treatment and care. Moreover, there is also evidence that sibling relationships as a whole are not considered frequently in research, despite their powerful impact. This research project considers the potential impact of childhood sexual abuse on sibling relationships. By exploring and reviewing the literature, the aim of this paper is to provide information regarding the possible suggested link. The age spectrum ranges from childhood to adulthood, and considers the differences and similarities the age groups share in respect to CSA. Included in this work is the treatment possibilities for both the victim and non-abused sibling, as well as the sibling relationship as a whole.
childhood sexual abuse, siblings, treatment, relationships
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