Intergenerational and Inner Conflict in Young Female Immigrants from the Middle East: My Story

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Bouzhmehrani, Bahareh
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Acculturation impacts the lives and well-being of immigrants and their families. When families immigrate, the acculturation process of parents and children may take a different course and take place at a different pace. This can lead to tension and conflict. Language barriers, cultural differences, and lack of knowledge of the new culture can add to the tensions and conflict. In this thesis, I explore acculturation and the challenges that can accompany the process for families. I have used my own story of acculturation as a young immigrant in a family that immigrated to Canada from Iran do so. It is my hope that this thesis will increase counsellors‘ understanding and awareness of acculturation processes in families, especially within the context of families who immigrate to North America from the Middle East.
autoethnography , acculturation