Strategies for Teaching Leadership

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This book is the third in the Proven Practices in Higher Education series. The books all are prompted by the desire to share with the academic community the lessons learned by the faculty of a small, private nonprofit university with international experiences in the delivery of educational leadership programs. City University of Seattle has been serving traditional and adult learners throughout the world for over forty years, innovating in the manner in which it designs its curricula, the locations where its programs are delivered, and in the content of its academic offerings. CityU offers programs in education, human services and health-care administration, management, counseling, and technology, all of which are fundamentally infused with leadership curricula as the university educates its students toward leadership positions in their chosen field. More recently, it added a Doctor of Education program in Leadership that integrates practical leadership methods, theory, reflection, and critical analysis into its curriculum at the highest level. The vast majority of the university's faculty members are working professionals who elect to teach and thereby bring real-world expertise into the classroom in conjunction with the most modern theories of the day. These seven hundred faculty members have accumulated a rich collection of valuable knowledge about leadership, which they share among themselves in institutional workshops. This volume is the written embodiment of the best of those faculty contributions, and should contribute enormously to the growing body of literature on leadership, and more importantly, how to best teach our future leaders in multiple disciplines.
leadership education , innovative methods in higher education
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