Potential Applications of Response-Based Ideas in Business Practice

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Timmermans, Guido
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The Response-Based approach to therapy embodies an alternative paradigm to traditional therapy by looking in a new way at people seeking help and at how therapy is performed. In this study, I explored the potential of applying Response-Based ideas in business consulting and management. The literature review included an examination of the role of business in society, the search for meaning at work, the influence of current management education on management practice, and the Response-Based approach to therapy. Based on my investigation of the potential of applying Response-Based ideas in management operations and business consulting, I concluded that Response-Based ideas offer a valuable opportunity to rethink everyday business interactions and consulting procedures. Response-Based thinking could contribute to business efficiency, improve the business environment and help to alleviate the dissatisfaction and malaise felt by many employees.
response-based therapy , business consulting and management