Transforming Trauma: Narrative Practices that Highlight Resilience and Reauthor Resistance for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Bartkiewicz, Renee
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In this thesis the unique issues facing the marginalized population of male childhood sexual abuse survivors are examined, with a focus on resilience, resistance, and narrative therapeutic practices. Research indicates that childhood sexual abuse damages a child's developing capacities for trust, intimacy, agency and sexuality,and compromises how one relates to one's world as a child and as an adult. It will be argued that a strength-based narrative approach will recognize past efficacy, encourage competency, and instill hope for potential possibilities. Revised trauma narratives that illuminate resilience and resistance allow male survivors to challenge outdated masculinity scripts and better understand the human experience with compassionate awareness of one's past, present, and future strengths and abilities. Recognition of male survivors resistance to childhood trauma can serve as a catalyst for strategies of survival, determination, and agency and create a map for their adult resiliency.
narrative therapy , childhood sexual abuse , resilience
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