The Role of the Body in Therapeutic Change: an Examination of the Perspectives of Wilhelm Reich (Orgonomy) and the Buddhist Practices of Will Johnson and Reginald Ray

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McMahon, Grant
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This study explores the role of the body in therapeutic change from the perspective of Wilhelm Reich (Orgonomy) and the Buddhist practices of Will Johnson (Embodied mindfulness) and Reginald Ray (the somatic protocols of Tibetan Yoga). This research project is structured as a manuscript thesis and has a conceptual focus. The introductory chapter provides an overview to the area of study and this project. The work of Reich, and Johnson and Ray, is discussed in two different chapters respectively. Each essay includes a literature review that provides context for the work of these respective scholars. The author introduces the concepts and practices associated with each of these perspectives, and also the implications for counselling and psychotherapy. This provides a basis for understanding the critical role of the body in psychotherapy.
therapeutic change , Buddhism , Buddhism and therapy , orgonomy