Believing in the Ability to Grow: The Utilization of Mindsets in Psychotherapeutic Practices

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Swiatlowski, Alexander
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Western psychotherapists are tasked with navigating a dynamic array of psychotherapeutic theories and models, developing professional conceptualizations of helpful change processes, and striving to effectively use psychotherapeutic efforts with diverse client populations. As contemporary psychotherapeutic practices continue to produce heterogeneous outcomes, researchers are asking: What factors are valuable in promoting effective psychotherapy? Although mindsets appear to play a significant role in various processes of psychological change, the psychotherapeutic field lacks sufficient integration of mindset theory. This paper reviewed current literature to isolate the fundamental components of mindset theory, investigate the connections between mindsets and psychological functioning, and illuminate potential opportunities where mindset interventions may be used to enhance the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic efforts. Based on the literature reviewed, mindset theory demonstrates the potential to support client engagement, enhance the informed application of therapeutic interventions, and increase collaboration between clients and psychotherapists who hold differing beliefs about psychotherapeutic change. Therefore, mindset theory may be a useful model for understanding psychological functioning and supporting effective psychotherapeutic processes. However, mindset studies are rare in psychotherapeutic research, creating a significant opportunity for future theory development and integration.
mindset , psychological amelioration , psychotherapy , mindset intervention
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