Comparing Attitudes Towards Physical Education Online and the Regular Classroom/Gymnasium

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Clayton, Andrea
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Students take Physical Education (PE) 10 online for various reasons. Some are very active in training for specific sports or are travelling and cannot be in the classroom for three times per week. Perhaps as many 70% of the class is taking PE 10 online because they do not like the traditional class. This project compares attitudes between students who took my regular PE 10 classes and those that were enrolled in my Online PE 10 group. I surveyed them on their feelings about PE, their physical fitness level, their view of what PE is, and their knowledge about health related topics at the beginning of their course. I also asked students to perform a fitness test, testing their cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and power. I want to see if their views, options, and fitness levels change after the course is over in June through another survey. My Online PE group had a fitness fact emailed to them weekly and was encouraged through their activity logs and health related assignments. My regular classes had my encouragement during class, a choice of two different activities, and a short four week course on fitness and health related topics.
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