Ecotherapy as a Mitigator of Ecological Loss and Grief

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Billington, Kita
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In this hermeneutic research Capstone, the author explores how ecotherapy can mitigate the deleterious effects of ecological loss and grief in relation to climate crisis, urbanization, digitalization and breakdown of human-nature relationships. She discusses mental health and human connection in terms of human-nature connection as indicated by global practices influencing ecological trends producing experiences of ecological loss and grief while incorporating attitudinal, theoretical, and pragmatic trends of global influence and applicability to counselling. The author contemplates how trends in practice and policy lead to deterioration of the natural environment and loss of natural resources critical for sustenance and preservation of biodiversity and human well-being. She states that just as the future of the planet is uncertain, so is the fate of old and young. In current times, it is critical we work together towards a more sustainable future.
climate crisis , ecotherapy , ecowellness , environmental loss and grief , framing , human-nature relationship , nature , sustainable
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