The Impact of the Interplay Between Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Family Dysfunction on Adolescents in Transition: A Proposed Model

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Fry, Tara
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The aim of this work is to introduce a model that integrates the bidirectional relationships between anxiety, perfectionism, and family dysfunction into a positive feedback loop of increasingly negative influence on individuals. The model is explored in relation to adolescents transitioning from high school to post-secondary life. This population was selected due to their apparent vulnerability to the phenomenon described by the model. Subsequent to the introduction of the proposed model, a literature review explores each of the bidirectional relationships between anxiety, perfectionism, and family dysfunction, focusing on the experiences of adolescents. The literature review also explores the roles gender and culture may play in individuals' experiences of the phenomenon expressed by the model. Following the literature review, a discussion of possible applications of the model to psychological and counselling practices is presented. Finally, the limitations of this work are acknowledged and further avenues of study stemming from them are proposed.
anxiety , perfectionism , family dysfunction , adolescence
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