Using Narrative Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy When Counselling Midlife Women

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Van Spronsen, Shari
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For some women, midlife can evoke a turning point or time of transition wherein questions about identity and how to live the rest of their lives are questioned. Difficulties in navigating this reflective process can lead to uncertainty and psychological distress about how to determine a future that will embody meaning and purpose and a preferred life path. This study reviews relevant research to determine whether or not Narrative Therapy when joined with Creative Arts Therapy might be an effective counselling approach for women in midlife attending to this type of problem. This study suggests that it might be helpful for counselling clients seeking a more contextual, creative, or less verbal type of psychotherapy. This study also suggests that it may be useful for clients with mild to moderate mental health symptoms but not as useful for clients with severe mental illness or for those presenting with considerable trauma. Future research should focus on human studies that specified a particular type of project or a group therapy program. Possible therapeutic activities and resources are presented in Appendix 1.
middle aged women, narrative therapy, creative arts therapy, midlife women