Adolescent Bullying in Elementary Schools: An In-depth Review of an Effective Prevention and Intervention Technique to Reduce Bullying

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Hyndman, Ashley
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This critical literature review summarizes the most current data available on bulling amongst adolescents in elementary schools. In the existing literature, bullying is being defined as the negative and often aggressive behaviour that is being exerted repeatedly upon another person or people, jeopardizing their safety. This behaviour has become a rising concern in elementary schools around the world, and to date, there has not been any reported prevention/intervention combination that effectively reduces, and eventually eliminates, bullying occurrences. Through extensive examination of the bullying prevention and intervention methods currently available, this study is able to establish, with support, that a Whole-School Approach to anti-bullying has to be implemented into school systems today. Not only is the use of this prevention method necessary, but the application of a reliable counselling intervention, specifically Anatol Pikas' Method of Shared Concern, also has to be implemented. Counselling needs to be available for those situations where adolescents require additional support or are concerned about bullying behaviours amongst their peers. Through proper execution, this combination could lead in the direction of eventually eliminating bullying occurrences throughout elementary school, world-wide.
bullying, elementary schools