Optimism and Counselling, Subjective Wellbeing and Mental as well as Physical Health

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Paukkunen, Veronika
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It is common for people to say either I am unhappy or I just want to be happy. So what makes people happy? This is a question that interests me and I also find that it interests many people as well. Sometimes individuals potentially hope that happiness may be achieved through material means where the individual thinks that if they had more money to buy things they would be happier. I think not. I think that happiness may actually be related to optimism and through inner exploration of oneself. Something else that I have realized is that people may be happier when they experience good thoughts or feelings. If good thoughts or feelings possibly enable people to feel happy then I think good thoughts or feelings and happiness are related to being positive or optimistic. As a student completing the masters of counselling program I also noticed that there are many elements of counselling that relate to optimism, especially the idea that it is important for clients to feel hopeful for the future. I also noticed that it may be common for clients to want happiness or to want to no longer feel unhappy anymore, like most people also wish for. Thus I find it very crucial to study what optimism really is and how humans can possibly use optimism to obtain greater life satisfaction through different factors that optimism is related to. I also found that these different factors could be a part of different counselling theories, components of subjective wellbeing as well as factors related to good physical or mental health.
optimism , happiness , inner exploration , hopefulness , life satisfaction , subjective wellbeing
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