Exploring Neglected Narratives: Understanding Self and Others in Narrative Inquiry

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Mung, Bernadette
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In this capstone, I explore my stories through writing my autobiography. Later through narrative inquiry, I will look for any themes that will appear in my autobiography. Then I discuss the implications of my findings from both my literature review and my own experiences. Finally, I offer some recommendations for educators and counsellors. By conducting my own narrative inquiry, I come to better understand the process, struggles, and the emotions which may arise for my clients. Through the experience of my own work—both the literature review and my narrative inquiry—I will be better able to support by clients with greater understanding, compassion, open-heartedness, as well as provide them with the skills and tools they need to experience their best selves. I reviewed current research around the experiences of first-generation immigrant children growing up in western society and learned about some of my ethnic heritage to understand how these experiences shaped my worldview. I also used narrative inquiry to help me link my experiences with the literature research to explore my unconscious biases and beliefs to help me become a better counsellor. As I demonstrate in my narrative inquiry and literature review, cultural values and beliefs can conflict with western values. I have learned some important aspects of my culture and heritage that affected my attitude and worldview. I did not initially understand the values of the collectivist society from which my parents were raised and lived; I now see that a collectivist culture values conformity, independence, and group solidarity. I also unconsciously rejected my own ethnic culture and became racist against my kind. Knowing this will help me understand and become more empathic to those who struggle with similar challenges. As well, knowing my unconscious biases will allow me to be aware of my projections. This will help me become a better counsellor.
autobiography, narrative inquiry, first-generation immigrant children