A Conceptual Model for Dislocation and Recovery in Adventure Participation

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Badger, Sydney
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The aim of this capstone is to identify and characterize the lived experience of adventure participants. This quickly growing population can undergo complex experiences with risk, addiction and trauma that not fully understood by the current research in helping professions. The review draws from literature in behaviour and exercise addiction research, as well as the dislocation theory of addiction, to illustrate adventure participation as a potential experience of addiction. Literature on the social identity approach to recovery and recovery capital are synthesized to suggest how adventure participants can broaden resources of support. A conceptual model for dislocation and recovery in adventure participation is presented as a tool to support counsellors in their work with adventure participant clients. The model illustrates that regardless whether addiction is present or not, the inherent risks and resultant consequences of adventure are amplified as participation increases. It is hoped that this project will stimulate curiosity around how to support the unique experiences of adventure participants. It is further hoped that this review will contribute to a growing conversation in adventure communities around how to support trauma, loss and recovery connected to adventure activities.
adventure , addiction , recovery , dislocation