The Interrelation of Patriarchy and Attachment: A Guide to Empowerment and Connection

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Lefebvre, Lindsay
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Despite perceived advances for women, the patriarchal system of oppression continues to dominate societies, resurging in legislation, social media, and global politics. The aim of this capstone is to bring light to the experience of women and consider the relationship between patriarchy and adult attachment. Research demonstrates that avoidantly attached adults have difficulty with emotional regulation contributing to challenges with the development and maintenance of relationships. Adaptive coping strategies, such as withholding vulnerability and disengaging from relationships have a significant impact on their well-being and ability to connect with others. Women living in societies where men who behave badly not only avoid consequence but are often rewarded with positions of power and adulation are likely to see engaging with society as harmful. Creating safe spaces for these women is imperative to allow for validation, healing, and empowerment. This capstone is designed for feminist practitioners working through an attachment lens and interested in creating community.
patriarchy , avoidant attachment , emotional regulation , interpersonal competence , self-compassion