Reciprocal Teaching as a Reading Comprehension Instructional Strategy to Support the Integration of Science Literacy into the Middle School Classroom

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Jacobs Hogan, Janet
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The Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering Framework integrates literacy skills into the standards and requires science teachers to use instructional strategies to support literacy in the classroom (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education [MADESE], 2016a). However, secondary science teachers may not provide adequate instructional support for their students to build reading comprehension skills in science (Drew & Thomas, 2018). This study explored the experience and perceptions of middle school science teachers who integrated the reciprocal teaching reading comprehension strategy into their classrooms. The goal of the research was to determine middle school science teachers' perceptions and experiences using reciprocal teaching as a reading comprehension instructional strategy to support the integration of science literacy into the middle school science classroom. The research questions focused on gathering information on middle school science teachers' understanding of science literacy, support for science literacy in the classroom, and perceptions and experience of using reciprocal teaching as a means of teaching reading comprehension. In this study, the researcher used a qualitative methodology with a descriptive single case study research design using a purposive sampling strategy. Semi-structured interviews and classroom observations occurred with middle school science teachers at a private, independent school for girls in grades 6 through 12 in a suburb south of Boston, Massachusetts. Data analysis occurred using thematic analysis. Findings indicate middle school science teachers perceive reciprocal teaching as an adaptable, easy to use reading comprehension instructional strategy to use in middle school science classrooms. Results may inform school leaders and assist middle school science teachers in supporting student understanding of concepts by teaching reading comprehension (MADESE, 2016a).
science literacy , middle school science teachers , middle school , science teachers , reading comprehension , reciprocal teaching
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