How Communication is Used in Polyamorous Relationships

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Wallace, Meghan
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This paper explores the phenomenological lived experience of what it is like to participate in a polyamorous relationship. The question proposed is how do polyamorous individuals use communication to negotiate rules and boundaries as well as manage and prevent feeling of jealousy and betrayal? The objective is to assist polyamorous individuals, and the clinicians working alongside them, specifically in negotiating their relationship through communication. The design in a semi-structured interview of 12 individuals residing in Vancouver, Canada, and surrounding areas. Major themes that emerged were the process of working through jealousy, the dual nature of rules, as well as suggestions for clinicians in helpful ways to work with the population. It appears that polyamory has led to an increase in relationship and overall satisfaction for these participants. They attribute this to their ability to learn and improve their ability to communicate their own feelings, needs and desires to their partner. This helped them maneuver and work though challenging experiences of opening up and feelings of jealousy and betrayal.
relationships , polyamorous , poly , communication , jealousy , contemporary relationship style
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