Comorbidity, Borderline Peronality Disorder and Intellectual Disability: Treatment Comparision and Case Study

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Capra, Jessica
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This research study has three major purposes. First, to investigate the literature relating to the treatment of individuals with borderline personality disorder and intellectual disability. Second, to outline a current piolet project, a residential treatment program that supports persons with borderline personality disorder and intellectual disability. Lastly, to compare and contrast the current treatment models found in the literature and the pilot residential treatment program. The study was conducted in a non-profit community service agency supporting individuals with a dual diagnosis in Ontario. Data for this research was collected through frequency target behaviour data on five women who reside in the residential treatment program. It can be concluded that the treatment methods found in the literature (specifically Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) can improve the efficacy of residential treatment programs supporting individuals with BPD and intellectual disability.
residential treatment programs , treatment of borderline personality disorder and intellectual disability