Asian Immigrant Women in Relationships with Caucasian Men: Possible Risk Factors for Domestic Violence

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Chang, Wenling
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Over the past ten years, the numbers of interracial relationships between immigrant women and Caucasian men have increased rapidly in Canada. According the National Household Survey, "4.6% of all married and common-law couples in Canada were in mixed unions. Of that number, 3.9% of all couples were composed of one person who was a member of a visible minority and one who was not" (National Household Survey, 2011). Furthermore, "most mixed unions are made up of persons born in two different countries. In 2011, nearly half of mixed unions (49.2%) were composed of a person born in Canada and a person born abroad (National Household Survey, 2013). With so many different visible minority groups to attend to, the writer/author of this paper is particularly interested in Asian population. So, this paper focuses solely on the relationship between Asian immigrant women and native-born Canadian men, particularly the White Canadian men who represent the dominate culture in Canada. This paper investigates the possible factors that might increase the occurrence of, and tolerance for, domestic violence against Asian immigrant women who are in interracial relationships with Caucasian men. It examines some of the cultural influences on interracial relationships, through assessing women's immigration issues, by seeking to gain a better understanding of the racism, oppression, and discrimination against Asian immigrant women, and by determining how mental health professionals and counsellors could better help this vulnerable population in our society.
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