Universal Design for Learning: School Leaders Meeting Student Needs by Meeting Teacher Needs First

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Funk, Evan
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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a tool that helps all students reach their potential, whatever their learning style. Unfortunately, many teachers do not fully understand how to use such a resource effectively, often feeling ill-equipped or inadequately supported. They want and need their principals to step in and assist. For students to get what they need and for teachers to feel supported, principals need to step in and provide the training and resources required. This capstone will look at the benefits that UDL has on students' learning. It will also focus on what teachers need in order to utilize UDL effectively and will explain the benefits when teachers are supported. Finally, there is a strong focus on how principals can support their staff. Based on the literature review, this capstone provides six recommendations for principals to follow to bring UDL into their school and support their staff in its use.
Universal Design for Learning , professional development , teacher support , British Columbia Principals and Vice Principals Association , multiple means of engagement , multiple means of action and expression , multiple means of representation , leadership
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