The Impact of Acculturation and Biculturalism on the Second Generations Living in Canada

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Ahani, Shakiba
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The present study explores the experience of second generation Canadian youth in terms of acculturation and possible negative psychological impacts. Stressors that are associated with second generation Canadian youth have been identified as acculturation, biculturalism, cultural conflict within relationships, being a visible minority, and discrimination. This study utilizes a narrative literature review methodology to explore the challenges faced by second generation Canadian youth. Through this literature review I was able to describe, examine, and evaluate research looking at stressors unique to second generation Canadian youth in order to provide a better understanding for counsellors. Findings from this literature review indicated that second generation Canadian youth, compared to other Canadian youth, are experiencing additional stressors that negatively impact mental health and overall well-being. Themes that emerged from this review include: the important role of family, peers and factors associated with the host society's policies and attitude toward second generations. Marginalisation, discrimination, and lack of social support by the host society will create negative acculturation experience for second generation youth. However, acculturation pattern among second generation Canadian youth vary across ethnic groups and in order to avoid generalization more research is required to re-evaluate the story of second generation integration and closely examine day to day lived experiences of these generations in Canada.
second generation Canadian youth, acculturation of Canadian second generation youth, cultural problems of second generation Canadian youth
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