A Synchronous Online STEM Competition with High Availability

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Liu, YuChe
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The online education system plays an essential role in the modern world. Education organizations and businesses want to provide their assessment system based on an online education system. During the online training, GBs of data is continuously generating and being collected from the user every event. Those valuable data can be processed and analyzed to support many decisions in a second such as user state, chatting detection, and online help desk. In addition, demand from different roles, such as data analysts, data science, executives, that access to those data has increased recently. In this paper, we present the new architecture for real-time data streaming based on the existing education system and identify three challenges that need to be addressed in our architecture. First, most organizations or education areas rely on the open-source system for their learning system. Second, on top of the synchronized learning management system, we add customized solutions for improvement and customization to give real-time ability to meet the synchronized online test requirement for the current situation including availability, cost, technologies.
real-time processing , architectures , big data , online competition , concurrency
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States , openAccess