Trauma-Informed Program for Trauma and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Forster, Megan
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This paper reviewed research from peer-reviewed journals and books about ADHD and trauma to better understand these conditions and develop an effective school-wide program. Teachers do not usually receive training in trauma and ADHD, nor do school districts implement trauma-informed programs into their school communities. This research was developed to shed some light on the importance of becoming trauma informed and highlight essential aspects of a trauma-informed program. Based on these findings, the most effective way of supporting students with ADHD and trauma is to build relationships and develop skills through direct instruction. A trauma-informed program is most effective when it is established school-wide, teachers are given specific training, and when teachers and caregivers are using the same language and strategies. This paper is for educators, administration, parents and caregivers who see the value of a trauma-informed program and wish to develop one in their school community. Trauma is complex and there is very little research on the effects of trauma on learning in schools. More research about how to develop a trauma-informed program across an entire school should be done, and appropriate staff training needs to be established. Any trauma-informed program needs to be developed for individual school needs and should be a collaborative process across everyone in the school community.
trauma , ADHD , attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder , self-regulation , trauma-informed program , school , elementary school , children