An Investigation Into How Mindfulness-Based Interventions Can Be Used to Address Post-Injury Anxiety Among Athletes

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Baira, Samantha
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This paper is an examination of research for the purpose of further the understanding of the extent to which mindfulness-based interventions can address the negative consequences of post-injury anxiety after a sustained injury among athlete populations. Post-injury anxiety is a psychological response that occurs when athletes sustain injuries resulting in decreased confidence to return to sport. By not returning to sport, athletes experience a significant decrease of their quality of life and possible loss of future career opportunities. Previous literature has found that mindfulness-based techniques can be useful in addressing post-injury anxiety, however, current literature does not address the extent to which it can be helpful. The author examines 10 quantitative peer-reviewed studies through careful examination of overall findings of each study, and the analysis and critique of methodological frameworks. The author hypothesized that mindfulness-based techniques would be a sufficient stand-alone treatment protocol for post-injury anxiety if athletes are able to adopt acceptance and mindfulness-based practice. Results of the study found that acceptance plays an important role in adherence to rehabilitation, however, requires the presence of awareness in order to address post-injury anxiety. Furthermore, the benefits of mindfulness-based techniques are limited being used in conjunction with physical rehabilitation programs. In conclusion, due to the lack of mindfulness-based models intended for this population, further exploration is encouraged to determine the potential use of mindfulness-based techniques as a treatment for post-injury anxiety.
post-injury anxiety , athlete mental health , mindfulness , mindfulness-based techniques , rehabilitation , sports-injury , sports-related injury , fear avoidance
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