The Need For Transformational Leaders In Education During Times of Change in British Columbia

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Vanderheide, Gina M.
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The aims of education have evolved to include a focus on educating the whole student, in order to develop responsible citizens who are able to contribute to their community and the world at large in the 21st century. In order to accomplish these aims, education in British Columbia has begun to change. Change of this magnitude requires principals and leadership teams who are skilled at change and reform. In order to change the curriculum, instructional strategies, assessment practices, and the pedagogy, the leadership teams in schools need to be prepared to challenge the status quo. This paper provides a review of the literature on Transformational Leadership as a proposed leadership model for education, especially in schools undergoing reform like the schools in British Columbia. Specifically, it proposes eight dimensions of a transformational leader, including the characteristics found in this type of leader. It looks at the effects of Transformational Leadership on the stakeholders, provides suggestions for school districts with respect to their hiring processes and provides recommendations for principal preparation programs in an attempt to better the teacher's who are to become the leaders of tomorrow.
student engagement , student achievement , transformational leadership
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