An Investigation into the Effects of Childhood Trauma with a Focus on Attachment in the School Setting with Strategies to Create Trauma Sensitive Environments

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Watt, Karen
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The purpose of this paper was to explore the connection between attachment trauma and mental health challenges facing students in the school setting. The number of children developing and coping with mental illness in the school setting is growing rapidly. Whether it is more recognized, or more prevalent, it is becoming increasingly challenging to deal with. Through ongoing research, it has become more accepted that both attachment trauma and developmental trauma is closely correlated to challenges such as depression, anxiety, and challenges with emotional regulation, facing students in the school setting. Firstly, this paper provides some background on why exploring early trauma is important as well as offer some definitions. Then, a closer look at the connection between attachment trauma and emotional regulation along with developmental trauma is discussed. Finally, an exploration on the importance of creating a trauma sensitive school climate is described, along with other strategies counsellors can employ to assist youth struggling with trauma.
attachment trauma in children , trauma sensitive school climate