The Effect of Marital Separation and the Increase of Suicide and Suicidal Tendencies in Men

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Vasquez, Claudia
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Marital separation has been noted to be an impactful life stressor for those who experience it. Research has shown that men who experience marital separation increase their susceptibility to mental health problems and suicidal tendencies. Although a significant body of research on marital separation and its subsequent effects exists, most of this literature focuses on the general effects of marital separation rather than the specific nature of suicidal ideation and suicide about marital separation. This research study aimed to determine the relationship between marital separation and mental health deterioration in men who experience suicide ideation and/or suicide. Data was collected through a qualitative and quantitative synthesis of cumulating articles encompassing various data collection methods and geographical locations such as Africa, Europe and the United States. The findings showcased that men increased their susceptibility to suicidal ideation and suicide by having a lack of support and increased feelings of isolation, shame, and pre-existing mental health conditions. This research study provided a general self-awareness of the potential effects men may experience post-martial separation. In this regard, clinical applications can be made through improved societal awareness in the workplace, identification of at-risk populations and screening tools and gendered appropriate social programs and supports.
divorce , separation , suicide in men , men's health , effect of divorce