Childhood Trauma and Substance Abuse Recovery: Similar Patterns

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Mau, Shu-Yin
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This study examines the similarities and differences between childhood trauma and substance abuse. The nature of suffering, the coping strategies, the importance of incorporating spirituality into the treatment plans, and the correlation between child maltreatment and substance abuse are explored. Literature research from the last decade (1997-2007) is used as well as anecdotal evidence from my personal experience with childhood trauma and work in transition houses. Essentially, the study looks first at the healing process of childhood trauma and suggests that it exhibits a similar pattern as recovery from substance abuse. Second, it is postulated that childhood trauma is associated with sequential health problems, such as psychopathology and substance abuse. Finally, the role of spirituality or religious engagement is often seen to play a pivotal role in trauma and substance recovery.
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substance abuse treatment , childhood trauma , childhood trauma recovery , autoethnography , spirituality and counseling