Self-Esteem and Social Media

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Barber, Christopher
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Social Media use is so common and frequent that it may be safe to assume that no reader of this paper would argue against such a statement. While social media existence and use are a relatively new phenomena, historically speaking, their impact and position in the zeitgeist of modern living are unimpeachable. Social media has become more than a digital neighbourhood or a way to stay in-touch with others, though these are still within its scope. Social media is now the vehicle for commerce, politics, entertainment, public discourse, news and more. However, there is growing concern about the ways social media use is impacting users, including reports of increased anxiety, poor self-esteem and a distorted sense of oneself online versus in the real world. This capstone reviews some of the ways social media impacts self-esteem and the development of self.
social media , self-esteem , technology , problematic social media use , smart phone
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