Treatment Approaches and Outcomes for Eating Disorders, Including Spiritual and Religious Frameworks: A Resource for Mental Health Professionals

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Daulat, Sofia
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The purpose of this paper is to explore eating disorder treatment and recovery outcomes using spiritual and religious interventions. This paper outlines published research and recent studies to provide an overview of what treatments can be used within this context and what future clinical applications could look like when incorporating spirituality in the treatment of eating disorders. Concepts and themes stemming from attachment theory and attachment to God or a higher power, are unpacked, and their relevance in the use of treatment outcomes for eating disorders are reviewed. Eating disorders are a serious mental health disorder that could result in fatalities. This paper explores additional ways clinical practitioners can meet the needs of their patients by incorporating a more holistic framework for treatment. Finally, this paper provides an outline for a class that could be used in an academic setting for mental health professionals, to gain an awareness and knowledge of the role of spirituality in the therapeutic space.
spirituality , eating disorders , anorexia nervosa , religion , attachment , attachment to god , theology