Through Midlife Crisis to Personal Growth

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Plewa, Sonia
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The topic of this research paper explores the phenomenon of midlife crisis or midlife transition, and both terms are used interchangeably throughout this paper. The existing literature on the subject involves mostly the argument whether midlife crisis is a scientifically proven concept, worthwhile exploring, or is it just one of many popular contemporary beliefs. Indeed, one can find very few academic sources, which deal with the subject directly. However, when looking carefully through other evidence of human experience such as poetry, literature, philosophy and personal journals one comes across a curious phenomenon of midlife turmoil and inevitable change at midlife in lives of many individuals. It has been my intention through this paper to paint a fuller picture and to broaden our understanding of possible occurrence of midlife crisis. My wish was also to provide a frame of reference for practicing health professionals, who will be in the position of assisting their clients on the journey through the Middle Passage. In my research, I sought to stress one point: that even though midlife crisis as any life-changing event might be experienced as a period of chaos and confusion, at the same time being a powerful catalyst for change it has the potential to lift us, to help us grow, and evolve.
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