Tootling's Effect on Disruptive Classroom Behavior

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Voorhees, Caitlin
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This action research study examined the effects of tootling, a behavior management system used to promote prosocial behavior, on students' frequency of disruptive classroom behaviors. The time spent on managing student disruption in the classroom cuts valuable learning time. 22 second grade students in a general education classroom participated. Students wrote tootles that detailed an observed positive behavior of a peer. The tootle slips were collected in a shoebox and read aloud to the class in a sharing circle once a week. ClassDojo was used to assess the percentage of positive and negative behaviors exhibited by each student. Data showed 82% of the students' positive behavior points increased. It boosted the morale of the class and students wanted to be recognized for their positive behaviors. Tootling was easy to integrate into the existing schedule and it can be added to an existing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system.
tootling , tootle , disruptive behavior , classroom , student
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