Rural School Instructional Leadership and Student Mentorship: Supporting Students Affected by a Global Pandemic

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Coupland, Fawn A.
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Principals are responsible for overseeing the academic achievement of students in their charge, despite any difficult situations. Although maintaining a high standard of education within a global pandemic such as COVID-19 has been a new challenge for Canadian principals, worldwide many disasters have interrupted formal schooling in recent history. Research indicates that school leaders must be prepared to deal with an increase in student mental health concerns and potentially lowered levels of academic achievement. This capstone provides a literature review of student responses to environmental disasters, investigating the use of various types of student mentorship to address escalating mental health concerns due to isolation in a quarantine situation. Chapter 3 includes recommendations for implementing a successful student mentorship program to support and positively affect student academic achievement in a small rural Albertan community K–12 school with limited resources.
mentorship , youth , academic engagement , mental health , coronavirus , covid-19
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States , openAccess