Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes Through the Integration of Team Projects into Instruction

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French, Jean Ann
Kavanagh, Marie
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This paper reviews how team projects are integrated into learning with enhanced outcomes. CAPSIM is a business simulation software used by many universities to "develop and assess business acumen in an interactive, real-world environment" (www.capsim.com). Two universities came together into one CAPSIM shell, which offered a unique opportunity to study team project-based learning; the e-learning environment; and the assessment methodology of Tuckman and Jensen's (1977) stages of team development and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Strategic management simulations online is a learning-by-doing tool where university students can learn how to work on team projects. Employing the online technology of CAPSIM, using team building skills, and offering self-assessment of management styles while working on a team project based learning program creates a dynamic learning environment for the students that prepares them for the realities of the workplace. This project enhanced student leadership styles, developed teamwork skills, and provided an environment rich for building successful project-based learning teams.
teamwork in online learning environment , team projects in business education , project-based learning
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