Using the Domains of Post-Traumatic Growth to Strengthen Addiction Treatment

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Campbell, Robyn
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Experiencing a traumatic event heightens an individual's risk for developing issues with substance abuse; and at times, continued patterns of substance abuse can lead to a diagnosis of substance use disorder (more commonly known as an addiction). At present, both trauma and addiction are widely prevalent. Post-traumatic growth has been noted in some individuals who have experienced trauma, and this phenomenon shares many similarities to successful recovery from addiction. Because of the relationship between trauma and addiction, it is important that researchers investigate the different domains of post-traumatic growth and learn more about how these domains can be integrated more fully into the support and services provided to those looking to recover from addiction. Teaching and expanding public knowledge on post-traumatic growth can also be used to inspire and give hope to those who have experienced trauma or have been traumatized through their addiction.
post-traumatic growth, trauma, substance abuse, substance use disorders, addiction, addiction recovery