Barriers to South Asian Sexual Development and Sexuality

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Varma, Priya
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The objective of this capstone is to examine the barriers to sexual development and sexuality in South Asian (SA) culture. This paper will analyze the impact of the acculturation process and the pressures to conform to new ways of living in an individualistic society that can cause cultural distress and family tension within the SA household. This paper explores the impact of colonization on SA culture and SA influences, including filial piety, patriarchy, gender roles and socialization. This study reflects cultural influences that sustain issues of sexual silencing and moral policing, which reinforces sexual shame and stigmas which limit an individual's ability to enjoy safe and pleasurable sexual experiences. Finally, this paper will explore challenges within SA culture, such as gender roles, socialization processes and sexual communication, which reinforces sexual taboos and fears pertaining to sexual development, sexuality and intimacy.
acculturation , collectivism , culture , individualism , sex , socialization , South Asian , Western culture
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