Philanthropic Involvement Of CETYS Ensenada Alumni With Their Alma Mater: A Study Of Undergraduate Alumni From 1990 To 2010

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Garcia-Alvarado, Carlos
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Knowledge and understanding about alumni philanthropic contributions to Mexican universities have emerged mostly from the experience of fundraisers, alumni relations officers, and higher education leaders. A handful of scholarly-supported resources concerning the philanthropic behavior of alumni in Mexico constitute the formal body of knowledge relating to alumni giving. Using socially constructed grounded theory, 20 semi-structured interviews with alumni from CETYS University-Ensenada were analyzed, generating codes and conceptual categories that led to the emergence of the themes Institutional Pride, Involvement, and Philanthropic Participation. These themes informed the construction of a model of alumni engagement that depicts the interactions of Feelings, Attitudes, Involvement, and its impact on Reciprocity to the alma mater. The findings afforded insight into a series of research questions about the relationship between satisfaction with the student experience, pride, and inclination to give, with behaviors conducive to high levels of involvement and philanthropic engagement. The results from the emergent theory indicated that the alumni-giving model typically found at American colleges and universities can be replicated in Mexico, even in light of cultural differences. The findings suggested that satisfaction with the student experience linked directly to institutional pride; however, this did not necessarily associate with involvement and engagement. Results exposed alumni willingness to participate in fundraising efforts when the efforts benefit students directly, mostly through the scholarship fund. The conclusions denoted the need for further research, preferably of a quantitative nature, to continue probing the link between stated openness to give and actual giving.
philanthropy , Mexico , alumni fundraising , giving by alumni , alumni engagement , CETYS University, Ensenada Mexico