Developing Yourself as a Doctoral Learner

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Allen , Brian
Bakari , Marie
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This three-part presentation demystifies strategic elements of the doctoral mindset needed to understand and succeed along the doctoral journey. The presentations cover the foundational elements of education that bring most learners to the doctoral level of academic effort. We address the key skills of linking and aligning learning, decision-making, and accepting the gift of feedback. We review the danger of applying logical fallacies, identifying a problem, and narrowing the score of research for success. We cover the principles of time management and logical organization of reviewed literature. We examine how conducting a personal SWOT analysis can help doctoral students focus on research within their respective domains toward developing a solutions mindset. Finally, we address the need for full ownership and stewardship of the doctoral student as the agent of their own educational success.
Dr. Brian Allen has a Doctor of Business Administration in Technology Entrepreneurship, an MBA, and a Master of Project Management. He is currently serving as the Associate Dean of Faculty in the School of Health Professions at National University. His research interests center on organizational development, entrepreneurship, project management, strategic planning, international business, business information technology leadership, and applied research for solving real-world business problems. Brian has broad experience in educational leadership, information technology, e-commerce, telecommunications, international sales, operations management, and international project management. His experience includes work leadership in 38 countries throughout the Americas, Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Dr. Marie Bakari has a Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education Leadership, a Doctor of Business Administration in Multicultural Entrepreneurship, an MBA, and a Master of Science in Accounting. She currently serves as a program director for the MBA in the College of Business, Engineering, and Technology at National University. Her research interests include diversity, equity, and inclusion, accounting, and leadership. Marie became a professor in 2014 after a 20-year career in the dental field. Today, she enjoys mentoring students through their dissertation journey.
doctoral program , research