Resistance and Hope In Schools: An Examination of a Response-Based Approach to Education

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Cameron, Michael
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This research project examines how the British Columbian education system supports students with social emotional behaviour designations. Currently, the primary approach to student ‘mis'behaviour is the punishment of and/or medicating of children. Through an examination of the literature, this paper proposes that a Response-Based Approach may be more effective in working with children with behaviour designations. This approach places behaviour in context, sees behaviour as understandable responses and resistance to trauma and abuse, and avoids the pathologizing characterizations of previous models. It is a holistic approach that examines both action and discourse, and illuminates areas that fail to preserve the dignity and respect of youth. A Response-Based Approach is applied to school-based interventions using the Model of Sustainable Wellness, demonstrating its potential for implementation. Further research is needed to empirically support the findings in this paper.