An Integrative Approach to Working with High-Conflict Couples for New Practitioners

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Miller, Thomas
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Working with high-conflict couples is intimidating for new practitioners, especially given the inability to practice this type of counselling in most graduate school environments. How can we provide new therapists with the confidence to work with high-conflict couples? Through using an integrative approach to couples therapy while grounding their work in a particular modality, counsellors can find interventions and techniques that are useful for a variety of different presenting concerns, including while working with couples where Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) or infidelity has occurred. This project was a literature review into the research base of specific approaches and interventions for working with high-conflict couples. The research focuses on the Gottman Method and Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples, while also including specific interventions and approaches for presenting concerns that may require a different modality.
Emotion Focused Therapy , Gottman Method Couples Therapy , conflict resolution , intimate partner violence , infidelity , couples therapy